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Termometer/Datalogger med temperaturprobe

EasyLog SMS Mobile Apps available from Google Play and the App Store
The EasyLog SMS App can be downloaded for free from Google Play or the App Store, allowing you to manage your EL-SMS devices with ease.
 Animated walkthrough of the setup process
 Easily configure your EL-SMS unit and set temperature alarms  Receive alarm notifications & regular summary messages
 Historical view of all messages received from your devices
Within the app you can set the temperature alarm levels, set the frequency of summary messages (which contain minimum, maximum, and average readings since the last summary), as well as defining up to three contacts to receive SMS notifications.
Once the options are set the App will guide you through the process of sending a configuration message to the device. Your EL-SMS-2G-TP+ is now monitoring - ready to send alarm and summary notifications.

Alarm and summary messages can be sent to any device capable of receiving SMS messages, but the EasyLog SMS App enables you to monitor multiple EL-SMS-2G-TP+ devices in one easy package.